Working teams

Within the framework of the Sohag University initiative to become an environmentally friendly university and its adoption of sustainability standards, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Aziz, President of the University, issued a decision to form a committee from the various faculties of the university to study, follow up and develop all activities related to sustainability at the university. His Excellency shall provide the necessary support to facilitate the work of the Committee and follow up on its activities periodically.

The committee includes nine teams:

No. Track Team head Members
1 Basic Concepts
Prof. Dr.Mohamed Tawfiq

Faculty of Arts

Prof. Tariq Zaki

Dr.. Hamdi Omar

Dr.. Iman Hammad

Dr.. Hamdi Ahmed Suleiman

2 Educational systems
Prof. Dr. Emad Samuel

Faculty of Education

Prof. Salah Roshdy

Dr.. Nour al-Huda Mustafa

Dr.. Muhammad Heshmat

Dr.. Muhammad Ismail

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif Orabi

Dr. Abbas Matar

Mr. Karam Magdy Samuel

Mr. Ali Abu Al-Rai

3 Infrastructure and green cover
Prof. Dr.Raafat Al-Khatib Faculty of Science

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Abbas

Prof. Dr. Khalaf Hammam

Prof. Dr. Abdel-Alim Saad

Dr. Muhammad Al-Arabi

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Masoud

Dr. Yasser Abdel Fattah

4 energy
Prof. Dr. Islam El-Sheikh Faculty of Science

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Salem

Dr. Ahmed Al-Asqalani

5 Waste management
Prof. Dr. / Motamed Mahmoud

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahim

Prof. Dr. Osama Rashad

Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Kawkab

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Mahdi

Prof. Zakaria Mohamed Attia

Prof. Osama Mohamed Njeim

Dr. Yasser Abdel Fattah

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Issa

Ahmed Khaled Ali Alyo

6 Water management
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Rahim Faculty of Industrial Education

Prof. Dr. / Motamed Mahmoud

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Masoud

M / Mohamed Atef

Eng. Hussein Mohamedin

7 Transport
Prof. Dr. Talaat Ali Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Aziz Awwad

Engineer / Ayman Ibrahim Boutros

8 Quality and beauty of the environment

Prof. Dr. Nour El-Hoda Mostafa

Faculty of Nursing

Prof. Dr. Emad Samuel

Dr. / Thoraya Mohamed Mahmoud

Dr. Amani Abu Al-Qasim

Dr. Yassin Mohamed Yassin

Dr. Tariq Abdel Moneim

Dr. Asma Muhammad

9 Sustainability complies with laws
Prof. Alaa Yousry

Faculty of Science

Prof. Dr. Mansour El-Hefny

Dr. Alaa El-Din Abdel-Aal

Dr. Mostafa Gamal

Dr. Asmaa Mohamed Naguib

Mr. Mohamed Khalaf