Sohag University Sustainability Unit

Sohag University began during the era of Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Aziz, the President of the University to move towards becoming an environmentally friendly university, where it worked on developing many sustainability programs that depend on spreading environmental awareness and optimal use of resources, and this is in line with the initiative of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic (prepare for green) launched by Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs.

The university recognizes the importance of creating a sustainable environment on the university campus, placing it at the forefront of its interests to make its campus a clean campus and maintain standards of sustainability and a green environment such as sustainable buildings, reduce the use of polluting means of transport to the environment, rationalize energy and water consumption, maintain the green cover, reduce carbon emissions , noise reduction, safe disposal of waste, in addition to the digital transformation to reduce paper use and expansion of new and renewable energy projects.

The university also supports and encourages scientific research and research projects related to sustainability and organizes activities to increase environmental awareness among students, faculty, and university staff, making it a beacon to spread the concepts of sustainability to the surrounding community.

Administrative structure


Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Aziz
President of the University

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Abdel Khalek
Vice- University President for Community Service and Environmental Development

Unit Director

Prof. Dr. Hamdy M. A. Hassanein
Professor of Environmental Pollution

Coordinator of the unit's activities

Prof. Dr. Sabah Saber


  • 1- Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture for Community Service and Environmental Development
  • 2- Prof. Dr. / Vice Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine for Community Service and Environmental Development
  • 3- Prof. Dr.. / Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Community Service and Environmental Development
  • 4- Director General of the University's Engineering Department
  • 5- Director General of Administrative Affairs at the University
  • 6- Director of the Environmental Affairs Agency branch in the governorate


Spreading environmental

Spreading environmental awareness and preserving the green cover among the university’s employees.

Encouraging research

Encouraging research and scientific projects related to sustainability.


Contributing to the promotion of university-led social change towards a sustainable environment.

Providing advice

Providing advice and support to civil society institutions to develop the concept of sustainability.


Encouraging students to practice activities related to sustainability.


Working to make university buildings environmentally friendly.


Encouraging university employees to use environmentally friendly transportation.

seminars and events

Holding seminars and events that establish the concept of sustainability among students, faculty, and university staff and the surrounding community.


Cooperate with the health sector to reduce the spread of diseases, and provide appropriate treatments to reduce health disasters and epidemics.

Provides ideas

Provides ideas and proposals to benefit from natural energy sources.


Encouraging the rationalization of energy, water, food and surface cultivation.


Working on safe disposal of waste and recycling of water and solid waste.

reducing noise

Contributing to reducing noise and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and greenhouse gases.

Digital transformation

Encouraging and assisting the university’s departments on the digital transformation to reduce the use of paper.

Working teams

Within the framework of the Sohag University initiative to become an environmentally friendly university and its adoption of sustainability standards, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Aziz, President of the University, issued a decision to form a committee from the various faculties of the university to study, follow up and develop all activities related to sustainability at the university. His Excellency shall provide the necessary support to facilitate the work of the Committee and follow up on its activities periodically.


Conferences and events

Environment-friendly University

The President of the University follows the officials of the "Environment-friendly University" initiative committees.

We will make it up

Hnjmlha " We will make it up " initiative launched to plant 500 fruit trees at Sohag University

Community Service

Of the activities of the Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Sector

The Second Conference of the Universities of South Upper.

New and Renewable Energy and Natural Resources, The Second Conference of the Universities of South Upper Egypt.

electronic exams

Activating the electronic exams

The First International Conference

The First International Conference "The Teacher and the requirements of the digital age"

training grant

The Workers Union offers a training grant in the field of human development

training course

Occupational Safety and Health training course for workers at Sohag University

Food Safety

Food Safety courses

The Third International Conference

The Third International Conference on Applied Chemistry in Hurghada

Symposium security and safety

A symposium on "Security, Safety and Crisis Management", by Sohag Medicine

Earth scientists youth conference

Earth scientists youth conference in Sohag sciences

Eighth International Conference

Sohag University participates in the Eighth International Conference on “Health and Environment” at the Arab League

Fourth scientific conference

Fourth scientific conference on rationalization of water consumption in Egypt, Faculty of Arts

Scientific workshop

Rationalizing water consumption in Egypt", a scientific workshop on Sohag etiquette


Seminar on “The One Million and Half Acres Project and Water Conservation” at the Sohag Faculty of Agriculture

Sohag University Conference

Sohag University’s Chemistry Conference